Let the timeless beauty of marble flooring - the product of millions of years of natural metamorphosis- create the effortlessly luxurious look you want in your home today. Other than its one-of-a-kind beauty, marble has numerous other benefits.

  • Elegant Appearance: There’s just nothing quite like marble. It’s rock-solid, shiny, and has that enviable regality to it. Also, every single piece of marble tile is unique in its appearance. So, your marble flooring tile will stand out with its own personality and singular accents. Unlike various other natural stones, marble has the ability to withstand an extremely high polish which enables it to achieve a buttery smooth and glistening look when treated correctly.
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair: Once your marble flooring is installed, maintenance is quite manageable. Similar to ceramic tile, marble requires routine sweeping and damp mopping. But marble is more porous, so don’t allow water to puddle on the surface for long, otherwise, it can lead to discoloration. One way to prevent discoloration is to apply a chemical penetrating sealer or a surface sealer after installation is complete.
  • One Amazing Option: While there are various popular choices of marble flooring such as Cipollino, Pietra gray, and Portinari marble, we’re going to highlight Calacatta marble is one of the more luxurious types of marble due to its rarity and unmistakable beauty. While it has some similarity in appearance to Carrara marble, it has a much thicker, darker veining that runs through its white background. It can also have gold hues in the veining. Carrara marble is exclusively found in very specific quarries in the Carrara region of Italy. 
  • A Variety to Choose From: We offer marble mosaic tile, lilac marble, marble hexagon tile, polished marble tile, honed marble floor tile, Calacatta gold countertop, arabesque marble tile, chevron marble tile, marble wall tiles, marble backsplash, white marble kitchen countertops, and more. If you have a specific marble you want, chances are we can get it!

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