Porcelain, a newer kind of ceramic floor tiling made of dense clay, is an amazing all-around option for your new floor tiling. It’s durable, low maintenance, stain-resistant and affordable. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor porcelain tiles, they are incredibly practical whether you want to focus on functionality or a tasteful style. Here we’ll go over some of the benefits in more detail.

  • Durability: As far as floor and wall coverings go, porcelain tiles are the undisputed top choice in terms of durability. They are heated at exceptionally high temperatures which leads to a highly durable, stain-resistant, and rigid flooring option that is virtually impenetrable to moisture. They can be utilized in the most extreme of conditions and are forged to withstand extreme weather including heavy rain, cold, and other conditions for a long time. Hard to beat all of that if durability is a major concern in your purchase!
  • Diverse Style Options: Porcelain has basically an unlimited amount of style options to choose from. They are easily stylized to look like other naturally occurring flooring options such as granite, slate, marble, wood, Calacatta, Terra Cotta, Parquet, Dolomite, or limestone depending on what you like best. 
  • Porcelain Tiles are Very Hygienic: Because of their notably non-porous surface which is impenetrable to moisture, Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean both indoors and outdoors and make for a great surface if you have little kids or animals or you may be prone to make a mess for any other reason.
  • A Variety to Choose From: We offer dolomite porcelain tile, Calacatta porcelain tile, terracotta porcelain tile, wholesale porcelain tile, parquet porcelain tile, Carrara polished porcelain tile, plank style porcelain flooring, square porcelain tile, and more.

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