The chevron pattern has been all the rage recently in interior design. Similar to herringbone, chevron tiling looks like arrows and zigzags that really invite your eyes to follow the pattern. With these types of tiles, you’ll immediately highlight your most stunning spaces. Play around with color, contrast, and fun patterns with chevron tiles and breathe new life into an old space. Whether you’re looking to install a sleek white chevron backsplash or a bold and colorful accent wall, our chevron tiles will make your space look young and fresh.

● Focal Point: Utilize the chevron pattern like arrows to guide the attention to a certain point or feature in the room. On a wall, the “downward” flow of the pattern can be used to highlight beautiful hardwood floors. Alternatively, if you want to give your room a loftier feel, upward-pointing chevron tiles will do the trick. Chevron floor tiles will also bring movement to your floor’s surface for a captivating modern look.
● Young and Hip: The chevron style is fairly new in interior design, and it’s only been gaining popularity. Well-loved for textiles such as bedding and curtains, the chevron pattern is a true 21st-century craze. Bring a sense of renewed youth into an old space by incorporating chevron mosaic tiles.
● Glamorous and Elegant: Chevron tiles mimic elegant parquetry found in the flooring of French palaces. Naturally, this luxurious quality carries through in marble chevron tiling. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen backsplash or redoing old floors, this inverted ‘V’ pattern is fluid, contemporary, and very posh.
● A Modern Touch: Chevron pattern floor tiles aren’t an old classic you’ll find everywhere. Instead, they’re a present-day trend that’s well-loved for its attractive and contemporary qualities. This format also suits a variety of interior styles and color palettes that are cool, warm, and bold. You can also play around with the angle of your chevron shapes as well as the width of the tiles to fine-tune the look you’re going for.

No matter where you end up installing these delightful tiles, the chevron format will transform your space into a modern haven. Find the perfect large chevron tiles for the bathroom or white chevron backsplash for your ultra-sleek kitchen with our fantastic flooring deals today!

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