A herringbone tile format is a zig-zag tile laying pattern that adds an elegant and luxurious feel to any space. For instance, herringbone floor tiles as well as a marble herringbone backsplash will surely make your rooms look more palatial. Here, you can choose from opulent tile materials such as our Carrara marble herringbone tile or, try a durable and low-maintenance alternative with porcelain. No matter the type of tile, a herringbone arrangement is bound to look exquisite in any interior and offers many benefits, including:

● Geometric Appeal: The clean lines and moderate complexity of this geometric arrangement is very satisfying to look at. Whether you’re adorning your home’s kitchen with a large herringbone backsplash or using white herringbone shower tiles, your interior spaces are guaranteed to be eye-catching.
● Adds Movement to a Space: Despite its straight lines and rigid angles, the herringbone pattern brings more fluid movement to a space. Interlocking patterns like herringbone can emulate waves or streams, creating more airiness in a room. You’ll find your eyes following the flow of the patterns, so put your favorite interior features on display with this alluring format.
● Adds Width: Want to make a space seem roomier and wider than it is? Then use herringbone patterns that flow outward to guide the eyes to the edges of the room. This opens up narrow spaces and gives the space a feeling of expansiveness. Great for small kitchens and tiny bathrooms, our marble herringbone tiles are sure to make any area feel more grand.
● Versatile Taste: Whether you want a warm rustic interior or a cool modern abode, herringbone tiles can suit any style. Make them bolder with contrasting grout or subdue their impact with earthy, neutral tones. If you opt for shiny white marble, you’ll make a space look clean and bright while sandstone and other natural tones are uplifting and welcoming.

Whether you choose to install a Calcatta gold herringbone backsplash in your kitchen, or sleek grey herringbone tiles in the bathroom, your interiors will feel and look elevated in the most contemporary way. Find the perfect style of herringbone formatting for your lavish needs with our extensive product selection!

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